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About Us

Brief summary of the activity of the Ensemble "Shota" through the years

The National Ensemble of Songs and Dance “SHOTA" was established on September 30, 1950, as the National Ensemble, with the decision of the Assembly of the Autonomous Province of Kosovo, as well as three other ensembles in the former Yugoslavia: "Llado" - Zagreb, "Kollo" Belgrade and "Tanec" - Skopje. This decision made this Ensemble one of the first artistic and cultural institutions in Kosovo. The task of this Ensemble was to preserve and develop folklore (folk songs and dances) and explore new forms of folk art processing. However, on 18 March 1954, with a strange decision of the same body, without any justification, the operation of this Ensemble ceases. The former members of the Ensemble, having no other choice, joined the few NGOs that functioned in Kosovo, to keep the continuity of cultural activity. After a decade-long break, in March 1964, the Professional Song and Dance Ensemble was re-established, which was named the “Shota” State Ensemble *. While the period 1950-1954 mainly served to build the artistic body, in the period after 1964, the “Shota” Ensemble played an indispensable role in the preservation, cultivation and development of Kosovo's folk songs and dances, in particular Albanian songs and dances, since Albanians accounted for about 90% of Kosovo's population. This ensemble has affirmed genuine national cultural values such as the originality of costumes, authentic tunes and exotic dances, with which this ensemble is presented in 50 countries across the world on all continents. According to evidence, during this more than 60-year period, Ensemble "Shota" has featured over 7500 concerts in Kosovo, the former Yugoslavia, Europe, America, Africa, Asia and Australia. In many of these, “Shota” received many gratitude’s and awards such: Silver Necklace in Dijon-France (1986), First place in International Folklore Festival in Bursa- Turkey (2013), Second Place in Buyukcekmece Festival (2013), third Price in Cheonan World dance Festival- South Korea (2011), 4 awards in “Vitosa International Folklore Festival 2018”, including Best Ensemble, Best music, best costumes, best female dancer (2018), First place for Dances in Agrigento- Sicily (2014), 4 awards in first International Folklore Festival in Trabzon- Turkey (2017) and hundreds of other prices, cups and gratitude’s in different activities in local and regional level.

* Since 1994, Ensemble operates with the new title: National Ensemble of Songs and Dance "Shota”.

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Ansambli Kombëtar i këngëve dhe valleve - SHOTA 2014